Thursday, May 3, 2007


Are you there God? It's me, Matt B.

Why have you forsaken Matt Chico? You give him such gifts as a plus slider and intestinal fortitude, yet you take away his control. Why must all beautiful things like Matt Chico's left arm have a flaw? I thought that You had created a pitcher with a breaking pitch that was so good not even You could hit it. But then you refuse to let Matt Chico realize his talents.

This isn't going to be like Daniel Cabrera, right? You wouldn't do this to me twice, would you God? Please give me a sign.


Matt B


Canadian Beefcake said...

why don't you blog about something useful, like Hockey or President Bush.

OldHossRadbourn said...

Wow, I ran across this wonderful blog while googling Matt Chico, who is starting against my beloved Brewers tonight. After reading the hilarity that is this blog, I almost want Chico to no-hit the Crew. Bang-up job fellas.