Thursday, May 17, 2007

Inning #5

The Chicosphere is completely omnipotent. After calling out Tony Batista, he comes through with an RBI. What a bully pulpit we have here.

The fifth inning was more of the same. Matt Diaz drove in a run. It was boring and lame. This was after the opposing pitcher Chuck James laid down a sacrifice bunt. I was really hoping that it would come to nothing so that I could have commented that Chuck James died in vain. Alas, he didn't. Still, one run was given up.

Oh, and Matt Chico popped up in the fifth. On a totally serious baseball note, at least he's going to pitch into the sixth inning, the third time he's done so in nine starts. He's only thrown 68 pitches too, so the live blog looks to continue.

Because this post otherwise was unimpressive, I'll atone with this:

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