Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Matt Chico takes on Tim Hudson and the Atlanta Braves tonight. This is probably as close to a guaranteed win as you can get. In fact, we here at the Chicosphere are predicting a shutout.

here is tim hudson being beat up by a little girl First, Tim Hudson is only allowed to have 4 good starts per year now. He already used up one of them, and you know he's not going to use another against the Nats. He's going to save them for teams that don't have diabetic wife-beating alcoholics hitting cleanup.

Similarly, Matt Chico is only allowed one bad start per year, and he already used it against the Marlins. But even then, he persevered and his leadership from within the clubhouse allowed the team to achieve a victory.

The Nats' record when Matt Chico starts? 1-0. The Nats record when Matt Chico doesn't start? 0-6. I think you can see why this one is definitely going to be a win. You can bitch and moan all you want about Matt Chico's 13.50 ERA, but the fact is Matt Chico doesn't care about individual stats: he only cares about winning. And Jesus.

Also, did you know that Bobby Cox is a scientologist? It's true. That's why Leo Mazzone left for Baltimore.

PREDICTION: Nats 1/2, Braves 0.


Jenn said...

how will the nats score half a run, exactly?

matt b said...

you see, it is a play on the poor nationals lineup. sorry if you got confused, our humor is pretty highbrow.