Monday, April 16, 2007


as far as wifebeating alcoholics go, dmitri young is our favoriteWe at the Chicosphere would like to congratulate Matt Chico on his dominating, 5+ inning, 1 run performance against the Atlanta Braves tonight. We are confident that this is win #1 of something like 300. Maybe 400.

Did you see how Matt Chico spotted the Braves three baserunners in the first inning? And then worked out of it?? Matt Chico was just fucking with you Bobby Cox. I hope you feel foolish.

Now is the time-- Get on the Chico bandwagon today. Buy your jersey tee HERE.

PS. Manny Acta quote on Matt Chico: "He battled through and did anything possible to get a W. He is hard as hell and could take anyone on the Braves in a Pit Fight."

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