Saturday, March 31, 2007

National Sports Media: Matt Chico is the Coolest

AP reporter Howard Fendrich tells us what we already knew: Matt Chico is a fearless warrior, who also brings street cred to the job.

So his trip to the majors really got going after throwing for Rizzo on a makeshift mound outside the California warehouse where Chico began working out at age 10.

"I can honestly say I've never drafted anybody else after throwing in an alley. Usually, we do it on a diamond," Rizzo, now Washington's assistant general manager and vice president of baseball operations, said with a laugh Friday. "This guy has gone some through trials and tribulations. You talk about a 'road not traveled' -- this is a road to the big leagues that hasn't been traveled very much."

Matt Chico is from the streets, bitch! He learned to pitch in alleys while fending off local gangs with the threat of his wicked fastball. USC couldn't handle the fact that Matt Chico keeps it real. Have you ever been to USC? A bunch of preppy rich kids. They couldn't deal with someone as hard as Matt Chico. They only understand book smarts, not street smarts.

If all goes as planned, our boy Matt will be pitching on Wednesday afternoon vs. the Marlins. Be there to see the beginning of the Chico revolution.

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