Monday, March 26, 2007

Matt Chico Spring Update #2

You may have noticed that Matt Chico got slapped around a little bit in yesterday's Spring Training game against the Braves. But what the press didn't tell you is that Matt Chico was just fucking around. He was actually pitching with his right hand. That's right, Matt Chico is ambidextrous. How fucking awesome is that.

Also, he was instructed by pitching coach Randy St. "Elsewhere" Claire to get into a based loaded jam in the fourth so that Ray King could get the adrenaline pumping like in a regular season game.

imagine the picture quality of this photo was translated into defense, thats how bad dangelo jiminez sucks Plus, he was getting no love from the Nats hitters. Matt Chico needs some run support, and the fact that D'Angelo Jimenez was the only Nat hitting the ball yesterday did not help. Hopefully this does not mean D'Angelo makes the N'Ationals 25 man roster.

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