Monday, June 18, 2007


June has been a very kind month to Matt Chico, as the month (named after Juno herself) has bestowed upon him a series of quality starts. We weren't looking to bring that up, but after we ethered the Washington City Paper, we feel that we have transcended baseball superstition and now inhabit a realm somewhere only populated by the most devout Scientolgists. Now, as our hero Matt Chico prepares to dominate soft-tossing lefty Mike Maroth and the Tigers, we'd like to bring up two housekeeping items.

1. Nicknames-Matt Chico-sphere readers, we understand you are a creative lot. Guest blogger Ben Franklin invented electricity using a kite and Steve Sanders invented a lady's heart melter via a stare from his baby blues. So why not come up with a special nickname for our pal, Matt Chico? I have been thinking all day about this, but then I heard there would be some copyright violations with the name Jesus Christ, hence Jesus Flores' mounting legals bills and the constant presence of Robert Shapiro in the bowels of RFK (no truth to the rumor that he just enjoys discarded french fries.) Have at it, minions.

2. All-Star? Who is better than Matt Chico on the Nats? Kory Casto sucked. The White and Black Nook Logan are leading the league in racial harmony, but little else of note. Jon Rauch is too tall for the notoriousy low-ceiling San Francisco. Matt Chico is the obvious choice. Anyone who cares to take exception with Matt Chico as an All-Star, we'll have a debate where I'll be the Hannity to your Colmes. Anyone looking to antagonize of Chico-sphere needs only to see what we did to former #1 enemy Keith Law.

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kungpao said...

1. Matt "The Kid" Chico
2. El Freako